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A journey to wellness

What is Psychotherapy?

Psychotherapy is the treatment of emotional and behavioral issues. This is usually conducted in the form of one-on-one or in small group therapy sessions. There are several types of therapy, each with a different focus to help clients meet their mental health needs. While some therapies indicate they are better suited for certain psychological disorders, studies show that most approaches are equally effective. It then becomes up to each client to decide what they feel works best for them. It is with the collaboration of the client and therapist that each individual is able to make that personal decision of fitness of treatment.



What can I expect from Psychotherapy?

•A safe environment to discuss life’s challenges.

•Maintained client confidentiality.

•Increased self awareness into one's own thoughts, feelings and actions.

•Increased sense of mental wellness.

•Cope with and better manage daily emotional discomforts.

•Address concerns hindering interpersonal relationships.

•A collaboration between your therapist and other providers as directed by your wishes and needs.



Are there any Risks?


As with any treatment approach, there is always a risk that you may not get better. Also, there is the risk that discussing certain topics may increase the level of distress you are already experiencing, however, this can be temporary and may dissipate during the treatment process.



While psychotherapy may help you deal with your emotional discomfort, not everyone can reap that benefit. It is up to you and your mental health professional to discuss your best mode of treatment. At times additional referrals are needed.

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