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Sally​ Morcos, PsyD

NJ license# 35SI00501200

I feel life is a journey and my role as a therapist is to be a backseat passenger. During my final session with clients (when we feel they met their goals), I typically say that this is my stop and wish my client a safe rest of their journey. Before that, on the therapeutic journey, my job is to help my clients explore their past, navigate the present and plan their future. I do this by integrating therapeutic techniques from cognitive behavioral, interpersonal and humanistic psychotherapies. Once we establish the goals for therapy, treatment is tailored based on each client's needs, readiness for change and willingness to do the therapeutic work.

During the first session, we both get to decide if we are a good fit. This means I share if I have the necessary skills to assist you with your concerns and you tell me if you feel a sense of comfort having me travel with you on your wellness journey.

If you have made it to this point, I congratulate you because, while rewarding, the decision to seek support, the search and then the journey, can be challenging. My wish is that you find the therapist that can best help you on your way!

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