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Justina Gun, LCSW

NJ license# 44SC05996800


The Basics

Welcome! I am a Licensed Clinical Social Worker experienced with working with adults and adolescents. I earned my Masters Degree in Social Work from Fordham University Graduate School of Social work in 2018. I gained experience throughout my education, working with unhoused individuals, people experiencing issues with substance use disorders, and various mental health issues. I gained my independent licensure while working with individuals in residential treatment, experiencing co-occurring disorders. I have experience  providing psychotherapy that includes treatment of depression, anxiety, trauma, relationship issues, and stress-management.

How I work

My passion is to support you in achieving your highest potential for social, emotional, and mental wellness. We begin by identifying your goals, and my role in helping you navigate the path of growth. I work to provide a space for open exploration, with an emphasis on empathy, respect, compassion, and empowerment.  Each session, for each client, is adjusted to meet your needs, goals, and readiness to take steps forward. I look forward to aiding you through a journey of learning and healing. I use a range of techniques, including mindfulness, CBT, narrative therapy, and strength-based therapy. 

A little more about me...

I first found my interest of working with people, in my undergraduate program at Centenary University. This is where I first became involved in advocacy for people experience interpersonal violence, LGBTQ+ individuals, and people experiencing substance use disorders. I felt a deep gratitude to be able to support individuals in periods of change in their lives.


I've spent my life in New Jersey, and where you can find the best of spending time outside in nature, or at home with my two kitties, Misha and Bo. They often make a cameo in virtual appointments, but they just want to be there to help too! 


I look forward to helping you feel like the most comfortable, and empowered version of yourself. Thank you for allowing me to be a part of our journey. 

Justina Gun, LCSW
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