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A journey to wellness


At Evermore Wellness we provide a welcoming environment to help you get on your road to wellness if you are new to therapy or help you gain additional tools if you are already on your way. Our providers have a variety of specialized training that can meet the needs of many of your mental health struggles. All our providers are trauma informed and are sensitive to our clients' therapeutic needs. 


We offers individual and family therapy as well as psychological evaluations to adults and adolescents. We offer in person psychotherapy and teletherapy


Areas of specialty:

Abuse and neglect


Child & Adolescents 


Grief and loss

Interpersonal relationships

Mood disorders

Problem Solving

Trauma therapy



24 North Third Ave, Suite 109

Highland Park, NJ 08904-2429

Phone: (732) 672-6564

Fax: (732) 640-2722


Sessions are by appointment only. Providers may offer appointment times outside of our business hours at their discretion.


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